Proceedings of the RST UPNG Sci. Conf. November 2014

Proceedings of the 6th Research Science and Technology & UPNG Science Conference (17-21 November, 2014):

Editors: Victor Temple, David Mowbray, Prem P. Rai, Osia Gideon, Chalapan Kaluwin, John Watmelik

Theme: Promoting Responsible Sustainable Development through Science & Technology: The PNG Way

Click the links below to download the proceedings: 

Volume 1: Social Pillar: Health, Education, Culture, Tradition, Housing, Equal opportunity, Family & Community, Leisure

Volume 2: Environment Pillar: Air quality, Water quality, Biodiversity, Energy Consumption, Forest Renewal, Oceans, Climate Change, and Population of Endanger Species population

Volume 3: (a) Economic Pillar: Exports, Patent issues, Fisheries, Forestry, Agriculture, Oil and gas (Energy), Mining, Marine resources, Industries, Employment, Population, GDP per capita, Patent issued, New companies registered

(b) Governance Pillar: Sustainable Development Laws, Policies, and Strategies

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